New York Architecture Info

1251 Avenue of the Americas

Formerly known as Exxon Building
1251 6th Avenue
New York
Basic Information
Designed by Harrison & Abramovitz
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 55
Maximum height 750 feet/225 meters
Neighborhood: Midtown
More Information
  • Floor space: 2,400,000 square feet
  • Developer: The Rockefeller Group
  • Developer: Exxon
  • The building features a plaza with a pool and fountains that are popular among thousands of pedestrians that pause there each day.
  • The windows are just four feet, eight inches wide.
  • This building was built for the Exxon corporation.
  • This building is part of the Rockefeller Center Extension project.
  • It is often reported that this building has just 54 stories. This is incorrect. There are 55.
  • This building extends four stories underground.
  • This building has 36 elevators, including three freight elevators that are twice as tall as the regular elevators.
  • 1986: This building was purchased by Mitsui Fudosan
  • May, 2013: This building was awarded LEED Silver status